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Be A Player - Logo Animation

Burn Ghost is a brand new company creating a stealth-mode W3 skill game platform. Burn ghost is a powerful new way to collect NFTs with play-to-win games that are easy, engaging, entertaining, and empowering for anybody to play in the world of digital collectibles. Burn Ghost gives anybody the opportunity to join the club and be a player.

They came to Optic Sky looking for a fun and engaging logo animation that would fit their brand style. They had their logo icon and name all set up but needed us to bring it to life. 

Tasks: asset editing, 2d animation, text animation

Website link


Rochester Museum & Science Center Logo Animation

Rochester Museum and Science Center was re-branding and wanted to showcase how their 3 divisions: Museum & Science Center, Strasenburgh Planetarium, and Cumming Nature Center, all make up the RMSC brand. They wanted something simple but entertaining that would be able to be used on multiple platforms.

Tasks: asset editing, 2d animation

Instagram post link


For my demo reel I knew I needed to create an intro animation that would be eye catching and describe a bit about me as a designer.

I was inspired by some of Beeple's  VJ loop videos and his use of textures and colors. I wanted the beginning of my demo reel to be a fun intro into the rest of my work.

The end video would be a nod to my personal branding and a showcase of my logo.

Tasks: asset creation, 3d animation



This was a branding project for Vancouver Film School that I had a lot of fun with. We were instructed to create a new company of our choosing.

For my fictional company I created 'Uproar' which is a live concert music streaming website for music and videos and for fans to interact with one another to share in their love of live music.

Created the brand statement "You don't have to be in the crowd to be part of the experience".

This brand was created to be a safe space for fans to interact with one another, post exclusive concert videos and music, generate valuable knowledge about specific concerts, and be accessible anywhere (mobile, desktop).

Tasks: asset creation, logo design, brand strategy, product design

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