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I started off my design career in graphic design. Schooling from Rochester Institute of Technology and then advertising and print design for Brandmuscle and Southern Wine and Spirits. Gaining education and experience in graphic design has helped immensely with my motion graphics career because it has given me a better understanding of hierarchy, proper layout design, and skills within other Adobe programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.




As Brandmuscle's on-site graphic designer I worked alongside a partner company, Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits to create print items that their clients (bars and liquor stores) needed such as signs, menus, and banners. All pieces were created using Adobe InDesign alongside Photoshop and occasionally Illustrator, a library of stock photo images, and brand specific images. 


· Processed job requests into Brandmuscle’s custom online tracking system

· Designed advertisements and menus while following specific brand guidelines

· Completed finances for printing materials and shipping costs

· Worked one-on-one with sales representatives to create the best impactful pieces



· Increased Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits sales by providing multiple print options for their client’s businesses

· Increased print sales for Brandmuscle by producing maximum amount of print designs each day.


Twenty One Pilots Magazine Spread

This was a graphic design project during Vancouver Film School that I had a lot of fun with because I made it based off of one of my favorite bands, Twenty One Pilots. The band was coming out with a new album so I created a magazine spread to entice the readers to want to find out more about their new upcoming music. Created using Adobe Photoshop.



Wegmans Aisle Icons

I created some icons for Wegmans Food Markets to help identify certain sections of their stores for easier navigation and uses on their app as well. The style was based off of the Wegmans swirled logo and created in Adobe Illustrator.

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