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Digital Designs for Print 

As a graphic designer, I've always had a passion for typography and layouts. Finding the right placement of an image or the best font to use is always important in design. Being able to understand the flow of a person reading and control that with specific hierarchy and colors helps to create a truly remarkable, and most importantly, understandable piece.

Twenty One Pilots Magazine Spread

This was a graphic design project during Vancouver Film School that I had a lot of fun with because I made it based off of one of my favorite bands, Twenty One Pilots. The band was coming out with a new album so I created a magazine spread to entice the readers to want to find out more about their new upcoming music.

Created using Adobe Photoshop.


Twenty One Pilots Typographical Piece

This was a typography project during Vancouver Film School that I also based off of one of the band Twenty One Pilots. The quote I used was "East is Up" so I turned the word "East" from pointing to the right, to pointing up. I also included the band's logo ||-// at the top of the arrow. The yellow and black colors were taken from the new album branding. Created using Adobe Illustrator.


Photoshop Character & Art Style Exercise

This project required us to choose a well known character or person and design them using a certain art style. I decided to use the 80's neon art style used by one of my favorite graphic designers, Signal Noise and I went with one of my favorite cartoon characters, Louise Belcher, from the tv show 'Bob's Burgers'. Created using Adobe Photoshop.


Coldplay Infographic

This was an infographic about the band Coldplay, that was created for the app Pinterest. The colors were based off of their most recent album (at the time of creation in 2018). The infographic was created with length in mind because it would be able to fill the phone screen on the Pinterest app and scroll down to continue reading, which doesn't make it ideal for viewing on a desktop so I've broken it up into separate pieces for easier viewing on my website. Created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


Wegmans Aisle Icons

I created some icons for Wegmans Food Markets to help identify certain sections of their stores for easier navigation and uses on their app as well. The style was based off of the Wegmans swirled logo and created in Adobe Illustrator.

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